Crear Mundos

Crear Mundos
We present you a tour of the exhibition Create Worlds. With the academic advice of Mara Laura Rosa and the curatorship of Cecilia Jaime and Manuela Otero, the exhibition covers the production of more than fifty female artists who have been part of the history of Fundacin Proa throughout all these years.
We hope you enjoy your tour!


General Coordination: Noem Aira
Research and script: Sonia Gugolj, Ana Inciarte, Pilar Victorio and Noem Aira
Voiceover: Noem Aira
Editing: Tomas Tyrrell, Goblin Music Release date: 14 November 2020


The online audioguide is publicly accessible and free.
For listening in rooms, you need to bring headphones and a mobile player with WiFi access.



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