• CREAR MUNDOS [Making Worlds], 2020

    Academic consultancy and investigation: María Laura Rosa
    Proa curated by: Cecilia Jaime – Manuela Otero
    Proa21 curated by: Irana Douer – Karina Granieri – Patricia Rizzo – Cristina Schiavi – Larisa Zmud
    Organized by: Fundación Proa
    Main Sponsor Proa: Tenaris - Techint

    In 2020 (date to be confirmed) Crear mundos [Making worlds] will inaugurate in the exhibition rooms of Fundación Proa and Proa21. Encompassing the work of more than sixty artists from different generations and artistic practices, the selection of works recreates the history of Proa’s exhibitions, and offers a walk through these artists’ great contribution to the history of art.

    Thus, Crear mundos presents new geographies that sweep existing borders away and reveal both the unique and global nature of the problems that extend across the experience of women in art.

    With the academic advice of María Laura Rosa and the curatorship of Cecilia Jaime and Manuela Otero, Crear mundos spans from the second half of the 20th century to the present day, covering contemporary techniques and supports such as video, photography, installation and performance.