• What the night tells the day

    March 16st, 2024 - June 3rd, 2024

    Organized by: PAC Milán - Fundación Proa
    Curated by: Andrés Duprat - Diego Sileo

    Sponsors: Tenaris - Ternium

    From the Padiglione d'Arte Contemporanea in Milan, an exhibition of emblematic works produced in the last fifty years by a group of acclaimed Argentine artists from the local and international scene arrives at the Proa galleries. Through sculptures, photographs, installations, videos, and performances, "What the Night Tells the Day" examines the various representations of a culture sometimes characterized, both in the past and present, by different forms of violence.
  • PROA21 | Latinoargentina

    April 27th - June, 2024
    Organized by: Proa Foundation and PROA21
    Sponsored by: Tecpetrol

    Curated by Rodrigo Alonso, "Latinoargentina" showcases the work of 25 Latin American artists based in Argentina. Through paintings, photographs, drawings, installations, and videos, the exhibition celebrates the creativity of these artists, as well as the connection, exchange, and fraternity they share with their local colleagues. The selection reflects their artistic universes, critical observations, and imaginaries, forming a guide to the expression of a possible "Latin Argentine identity".