• Marcos Lpez (Argentina, 1958) La reina del trigo
    Marcos Lpez (Argentina, 1958) La reina del trigo


    April 21st - July 9th 2018
    Organized by The J. Paul Getty Museum
    Curator: Judy Keller, Idurre Alonso and Rodrigo Alonso
    Sponsors: Tenaris - Techint Organization

    This exhibition has been organized by the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles as part of Pacific Standard Time:  LA/LA, Latin American & Latino Art in LA.

    A set of around 170 photographs throughout 160 years of history was the challenge that the curators of the J. Paul Getty Museum managed to unveil, bringing together an exhausted panorama of Argentine history, through photographic documentation and rescuing the talent of artists contemporaries.

    The exhibition examines the historical and political complexities in the country highlighting the heterogeneity of their realities, the creation of contradictory histories, and the power of the construction of images in the configuration of a national imaginary.

    From April one street from PROA opens its doors Proa21, a space for creation, experimentation, a research laboratory.

    Proa21 rescues the creative aesthetic processes around generating a cultural polyphony, which accounts for the present. Founded a new space in the Arts District, with a bold architecture where the history of the neighborhood is presented from a new perspective.

    Proa21 questions the exhibition space proposing a cross between the material and the virtual, to create new realities from different tools and platforms.

  • Leandro Katz. Nuestro Seor de Malta, 1993
    Leandro Katz. Nuestro Seor de Malta, 1993


    Artist: Leandro Katz
    Curator: Cuauhtémoc Medina and Cecilia Rabossi
    Sponsors: Tenaris - Organización Techint

    "Project for the day you love me" by the artist Leandro Katz is a bold investigation that accounts for the survival of the images in history and their connections with today

    The various figures of Ernesto Ché Guevara, his territory, are appropriated by the artist, conjugating visions of the past and the present, thus proving the different narrative forms in the construction of history. Katz confronts the viewer with ideologically disparate and even contradictory stories.

    Photographs, videos, installations give life to Project the day you love me. A new project of alliances between MUAC and Proa.