• PROA21 | Christian Marclay. Graphic Scores

    October 28 - January 7th, 2024

    Organized by: Paula Cooper Gallery - Christian Marclay Studio - PROA21
    Sponsors: Tenaris - American Friends of Proa

    For the first time in Argentina, the Swiss-American artist Christian Marclay, winner of the Golden Lion at the 2011 Venice Biennale for his work The Clock, presents a selection of scores and videos starting October 28 at PROA21.

    This exhibition draws on some of Marclay's vast and ingenious work, and invites the viewer to experiment and discover other ways of listening to and viewing music through his interest in composition and non-traditional use of classical musical instruments.
  • Liv Schulman. A somatic play (Aduaneras), 2019
    Liv Schulman. A somatic play (Aduaneras), 2019


    September - October, 2023

    Organized by: Whitechapel Gallery, London - Fundación Proa, Buenos Aires
    Sponsors: Tenaris - Ternium

    Within the framework of the 2023 edition of Artist's Film International (AFI), every Sunday in September from 4 to 6 p.m., A somatic play (Customs) 2019, by the Argentine artist Liv Schulman, is screened at the Proa Auditorium.
    The diaspora is the central theme of the works presented within the collaborative project that brings together artists from all over the world and who work on multiple audiovisual language platforms, such as film, video and animation.