February - March 2019
    Organization: Whitechapel Gallery, London
    Sponsors: Tenaris

    In this 15th edition of Artists’ Film International, Proa presents the work of Argentine artist based in France and Berlin, Fannie Sosa -exponent of the international contemporary scene- with her film "I Need This in My Life", involving gender issues as focus theme of this edition.

  • El Flasherito. Newspaper Journalistic Lab for artists / PROA21

    February – April, 2019
    Organization: Proa21
    Sponsors: Tenaris 

    The proposal of El Flasherito Diario is that PROA21 operates as an open-door newsroom, a laboratory -between creational and meeting space- for publishers, and an installation as well as a means of communication woking fulltime. From this platform, diverse processes of work, thought and writing will be expanded and a printed newspaper issue will be prepared, together with the organization of round tables, podcast, activities, workshops and other experiments.

  • Lucio Dorr. Collection of Collections / PROA21

    February – April, 2019

    Lucio Dorr. Collection of Collections
    Organization: Proa21
    Sponsors: Tenaris

    In homage to an artist's project inspired by the typical installation of paintings during the nineteenth-century, -in particular the Guerrico Collection-, Lucio Dorr´s exhibition presents a posthumous installation of their work matrixes, ranked now as an artistic system.

  • Contemporary Argentinian Design*

    March - June 2019
    Research Committee: María Laura Carrascal / Olga Martínez / Martín Huberman
    Sponsors: Tenaris – Ternium

    Three guest curators present contemporary design under an experimental view. Based on diverse experiences and materialities, the projects convened give visibility and question creativity by presenting cases of diferent qualities of life -subject to urban laws- and recover the regional work of artisans from a contemporary perspective.

    *(Title under construction)

  • FABRIK. On Circulation of Data, Goods and People / PROA21

    May – June 2019
    Organized by Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa), in collaboration with the Embassy of Germany in Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Curator: Florian Ebner, Head of Photography Department, Centre Pompidou, Paris
    Artists: Olaf Nicolai, Jasmina Metwaly/ Philip Rizk, Hito Steyerl y Tobias Zielony
    Sponsors: Tenaris

    FABRIK turns the exhibition room into an imaginary factory, a place where ideas and images are produced — images that are no longer understood as a medium for the reproduction of reality, but as indicators of how to change it. Fabrik is a collage of the metamorphoses of contemporary images.