On Saturday, March 16th, Fundación Proa inaugurates its 2024 season with the exhibition "What the Night Tells the Day," conceived by the Padiglione d'Arte Contemporanea (PAC) of Milan and jointly curated by Andrés Duprat, director of the National Museum of Fine Arts, and Diego Sileo of PAC. With the presence of artists and guests, in November 2023, it was inaugurated in the space of this prestigious institution as part of a program aimed at showcasing contemporary art from other countries in the Italian context. Since then, Proa has been involved in the exhibition, collaborating in promoting Argentine art abroad.

Through a collection of photographs, installations, sculptures, videos, and performances by 22 Argentine artists acclaimed on the international scene, "What the Night Tells the Day" explores the diversity of perspectives and expressions of a country that in the past was the destination of major European migrations. As a tribute, the exhibition takes its title from the eponymous novel by Argentine writer Héctor Bianciotti, whose plot intertwines with the careful selection of the curators, as it narrates the migration of his parents and his own migration to Europe.

The public will encounter historical pieces such as León Ferrari's "Western and Christian Civilization," Lucio Fontana's famous slashes, Alberto Greco's provocative performances in Italy, the series of photographs documenting Liliana Maresca's nude performance in the magazine El Libertino, as well as images of Marta Minujín during a broadcast on Channel 7 where the artist created a live performance; and more photographs and an installation by Liliana Porter. The itinerary enriches its narrative with recent works produced by prominent artists who, through diverse media and poetics, delve into key episodes of Argentine history.

The artists featured are: Eduardo Basualdo, Mariana Bellotto, Adriana Bustos, Matías Duville, Leandro Erlich, León Ferrari, Lucio Fontana, Ana Gallardo, Alberto Greco, Jorge Macchi, Liliana Maresca, Marta Minujín, Cristina Piffer, Liliana Porter, Nicolás Robbio, Miguel Rothschild, Graciela Sacco, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Tomás Saraceno, Mariela Scafati, Juan Sorrentino, and Adrián Villar Rojas.

The exhibition is complemented by an extensive program of activities organized by the Education Department to delve into the themes of the works and their implications in contemporary art. It is supported and sponsored by Tenaris in Italy and Argentina, as well as the company Ternium.

Fundación Proa remains committed to both national and international artistic endeavors, supporting agreements with institutions from other countries.


Works providers 
Colección Familia Ferrari
Colección Fundación Federico Jorge Klemm
Colección Julián Mizrahi y Archivo Claudio Abate
Colección Julio Cesár Crivelli

Special thanks
Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Comercio Internacional y Culto, República Argentina
Clara and Marcos Garavelli
Galería Isla Flotante
Viviana Liberman
Ruth Benzacar, Galería de arte
Almendra Vilela
Gabriel Wertheim


Eduardo Basualdo
Mariana Bellotto
Adriana Bustos
Matías Duville
Leandro Erlich
León Ferrari
Lucio Fontana
Ana Gallardo
Alberto Greco
Jorge Macchi
Liliana Maresca
Marta Minujín
Cristina Piffer
Liliana Porter
Nicolás Robbio
Miguel Rothschild
Graciela Sacco
Alessandra Sanguinetti
Tomás Saraceno
Mariela Scafati
Juan Sorrentino
Adrián Villar Rojas


General Coordination
Cecilia Jaime — Mayra Zolezzi

Image Design
Julia Bozzalla — Guillermo Goldschmidt

Soledad Oliva — Pia Villaronga

Exhibition Design
Pablo Zaefferer

Jorge Pastorino


Marina Gambier — Ana Clara Giannini — Alba Rodríguez Arranz — Leandro Vento

Education - Public Programs
Noemi Aira — Sonia Gugolj — Rosario García Martínez

Melina Herrero — Miranda Jacoby — Nur Nazur

Javier Ferrante — Germán Gaspari — Juan Francisco Masabeu — Santiago Migliavacca — Federico Monlao Girerd — David Pinzón — Alejandro Rossetti — Pedro Spikerman — Leonardo Toresín — Nicolas Valverde