Arqueología Mexicana
La magia de la risa y el juego

This book presents a group of pictures and texts that show an overview of the prehispanic cultures that lived on our continent for centuries.
The texts, written by two personalities of the contemporary archeology, offer a vision on the uses and customs, places and reflections of the routine life of the vanished civilizations.
The illustrations show the art of these cultures that cause admiration and amazement.
The presence of the Colossal Head Olmeca 9, that suggests a subtle smile, and of the pieces where the “magic of the laughter” is present, offers us a new reading of the past.
The patrimony reproduced in this book and presented in Fundacion Proa of Buenos Aires during the 2004 season, belongs to the Museo de Antropología de Xalapa, Veracruz.
This bilingual edition contributes and enriches the archaeological studies carried out to the present and fascinates the reader in the contemplation of this noticeable and important Latin-American art.

112 páginas
88 reproducciones
28 x 22.5 cm

ISBN 987-21336-0-3

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