Julio Galán

Organization: Ramis Barquet Gallery, NY. - Fundación Proa
Tamsa - Siderca - Organización Techint
16 de Octubre - 10 de Septiembre, 1997


The retrospective exhibition on Julio Galán, a young talent of the Mexican painting, was shown in spring 1997. The exhibition, organized together with the Ramis Barquet Gallery of New York, presented an overview from his early stages until 1997.

Galan's painting recreates several worlds. On one hand, the recovery of the Mexican tradition, its history, its popular art, its bright and meaningful colours. On the other, the artist's own universe: his fears, sexuality,myths and deepest desires. All this presented from a contemporary point of view, not without irony and humour.

Galería Ramis Basquet, Nueva York
Fundación Proa

Advice and Consulting
Dra. Cristina Gálvez Guzzi
Museo Rufino Tamayo, México D.F.


Production Assistants
Javier Barreiro Cavestany

Sergio Avello

Teresa del Conde
J. Barreiro Cavestany

Georgina Gil
Andrés Castro

Graciela Itubide (Fotos del artista)

Organización Techint