Organiza: Fundación Proa
Patrocina: Instituto Plano Cultural, Brasilia  - Galerie Thomas Modern, Munich
Curaduría: Silke Thomas. - Rafael Raddi
Auspicia: Tenaris - Organización Techint
30 de Marzo - 15 de Junio 2014


Titled Joseph Beuys. Works 1955–1985, this retrospective exhibition of German artist Joseph Beuys (Krefeld, 1921–Düsseldorf, 1986) will be on display at Fundación Proa in Buenos Aires, Argentina from March 22 through June. The group of over 110 works, produced from 1955 to 1985, provides a broad overview of this artist’s aesthetic universe. Continuing with its route throughout Latin America, this exhibition is organized by Galerie Thomas Modern, Instituto Plano Cultural and Fundación Proa; with the permanent support of Tenaris-Techint. 

Joseph Beuys: Works 1955–1985 delves into the concerns at the core of Beuy’s artistic reflection. Given the multidisciplinary nature of his work, the exhibition includes drawings, objects, sculptures, installations, videos, and performances. It begins in 1955, when Beuys came into contact with theFluxus group with which he began producing collaborative works. Beuys addressed a number of issues over the course of his life. The legendary action in which he explains contemporary art to a dead hare evidences his concern with art education and whether it is actually possible. 

The exhibition presents Beuys’s lifeworks grouped in nuclei that evidence the topics that concerned him throughout his life: the Education as Art, The Free International University, his action-performances and the defense of nature, together with a wide body of works that include felt, fat and iron/copper.

With Joseph Beuys: Works 1955–1985, Fundación Proa continues its interest of presenting the work of emblematic artists of the 20th century, such as Duchamp, Bourgeois and Giacometti, providing the opportunity to experience and comprehend contemporary art.

This exhibition is the result of a collaboration between Galerie Thomas Modern, Germany, together with Plano Cultural Institute in Brazil and the Brazilian Embassy in Argentina; it is produced by Fundación Proa and has the support of Tenaris, Techint Organization.


About the curators

Rafael Raddi
Master in Art History, Economics and Political Science from the Ludwig- Maximilians University, Munich, Germany, is currently the president of Plano Cultural Institute in Brasilia, and serves as a consultant to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD); advisor to several active companies in numerous cultural organizations that combine art, science and operating from his dual residency in Germany and Brazil. He also serves as a consultant to the Organization of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty; and Institute of Arts -University of Campinas. In Plano Cultural he has experience in the area of ??Museology, Cultural Sponsorship, exhibitions’ design and production in museums and galleries, corporate identity, and cultural encouragement and policies.

Silke Thomas 
licensed in Art History and Foreign language Studies, is currently co-director of Gallery Thomas Modern, Munich, Germany, where she also serves as curator and manager since 1997. In Thomas Modern she develops multiple exhibition projects and issues, among which they are included " Botero - Monumental Sculptures in Berlin ", 2007 ; " Chaim Soutine - Passion of Painting" , curated by Esti Dunow Tuchmann and Maurice in 2009; and " Edvard Munch , Ernst Ludwig Kirchner " , curated by Dieter Buchhardt in 2012.

Instituto Plano Cultural, Brasilia.
Galerie Thomas Modern, Munich. 
Fundación Proa, Buenos Aires.

Fundación Cultural VideoBrasil, Sao Pablo.

Curaduría y selección de obra
Silke Thomas.
Rafael Raddi.

Museo MAC Niterói de Rio de Janeiro.
Museu da República de Brasilia.
Fundación Proa de Buenos Aires .

Departamento de Prensa
Lucía Ledesma.
Ignacio Navarro.
Julieta Goldin.
Juan Pablo Correa.

Investigación y textos 
Cintia Mezza.
Mercedes Longo Brea.
Laure Chauvelot.

Diseño expositivo y Montaje
Pablo Zaefferer.
Soledad Oliva.
Conservación .
Teresa Gowland.

Diseño de imagen 
Guillermo Goldschmidt.

Paulina Guarnieri.
Rosario García Martínez.
Camila Villarruel.

Noemí Aira.
Agostina Gabanetta.
Cora Papic.
Laia Ros Comerma.
Juan Carlos Urrutia.

Esteban Campili.
Marcela Galardi.
Alexis Minkiewicz.
Diego Mur.
Marcela Oliva.
Jorge Opazo Ellicker.
Hernán Torres.
Nicolás Vasen.
Ezequiel Verona.

Jaime Arrambide.
Jane Brodie.
Alejandro Grimoldi.

Embajada de Brasil en Argentina.
Fundación Videobrasil, San Pablo.
Eva Beuys.
Oliver Wolleh.

Tenaris - Organización Techint.