The third edition of Art in the Auditorium establishes a dialogue between Fundación Proa and nine other international institutions, aiming to offer an overview of contemporary video art and its diverse formats. Its immaterial nature and extreme versatility regarding exhibition installation (projection, television, computer and screen) enables video productions to fit multiple spaces and situations, modifying substantially the relation between work and spectator. These main characteristics of video art productions are once again highlighted in Art in the Auditorium III.

In this new edition of the program, each institution has selected a number of pieces that focus on a wide variety of forms and concepts, whilst still emphasizing on the diversity of ways of being exhibited, inherent to video productions. Some works investigate the means of observing images and time lapse (Rachel Rakena, Huang Xilopeng y Ergin Cavusoglu). Others deal with historic –some even mythical- figures who still take part of our collective memory, exploring the complexity of personifying and the pop aspects of historic knowledge in contemporary society (Elodie Pong).

Other productions conduct a visual exploration based on historic research and stereotypical images from Hollywood cinema (Dinh Q. Le y Jalal Toufic); or on film’s narratives (Marthe Thorsaug).

In this occasion, Proa selected the series Lucía, Luis y el lobo(Lucía, Luis and the wolf) from the group of artists Joaquín Cociña, Niles Atallah and Cristóbal León. Daniel Reyes Léon states: “Produced using stop-motion and with an outstanding work on acoustic and scenery, the narrative acquires characteristics that bring it close to horror films”. 
Organized by Whitechapel Gallery in London, Art in the Auditorium III presents the following institutions, artists and works:

Argentina / Fundación Proa / Niles Atallah, Joaquín Cociña y Cristóbal León
China / Para/Site / Huang Xiaopeng
Italy / GAMeC / Giorgio Andreotta Calò
Lebanon / Beirut Arts Center / Jalal Toufic
Norway / Henie Onstad Kunstsenter / Marthe Thorshaug
New Zealand / City Gallery / Rachel Rakena
United Kingdom / Whitechapel Gallery / Stephen Sutcliffe
Switzerland / Kunsthaus Zürich / Elodie Pong
Turkey / The Institute for the Readjustment of Clocks / Ergin Cavusoglu
Vietnam / San Art / Dinh Q. Lê

From January 22, Art in the Auditorium III will present a selection of international contemporary video art productions, accounting for some of the main issues in audiovisual language: the matter of time, the knowledge of history and the 

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