Your Visit

Hi! Proa welcomes you to our exhibition rooms.
We are very happy to see you.

Hereafter are some suggestions to keep in mind before and during your visit.

Your Visit

What you can expect from us

  • Clean Team & Equipment to Continuously Disinfect
  • Staff Temperature Checks
  • All Staff Wear Masks & Shields
  • Frequent Hand Washing & Sanitizing
  • Social Distancing
  • Guides & Wayfinding to Navigate
  • Constant air ventilation

What we expect from you

  • Reserve Timed Tickets Online
  • Guest Temperature Checks
  • Visitors to Wear Masks at all time
  • Frequent Hand Washing/Sanitizing
  • Social Distancing
  • Follow Rules & Signs
  • Vistors to Sign a Waiver

We are waiting for you

Proa staff follows official protocols for cultural spaces, both in the exhibition rooms as in its bookstore and Café. These are the following:

— Proa cleaning service regularly cleans during the day and between each visit. We’ve implemented a permanent cleaning plan in the circulation spaces, disinfecting railings, glasses and objects available for use.

— Throughout the exhibition galleries you will find hand sanitizer dispensers to keep your hands clean.

— All indoor spaces are ventilated, ensuring air circulation.

Make your reservation

— Before arriving, each visitor makes a reservation on our website, by phone or WhatsApp.

Scheduled reservations

To make a reservation, visitors are asked to submit their information, whether it is by completing the online form on the web, or by telephone, in which case the operator will request it to register it.

— You will receive a message with the confirmation of the day and time of your visit, for you and your accompanying persons. This e-mail will allow you to cancel or modify it for another time.

— Upon arrival, you will be able to register at the reception. The tolerance time for each reservation is 15 minutes.

Upon arrival

— Upon arrival please checo and register at Reception

and temperature

— Proa staff checks its temperature every day, registering it in a file as required by the authorities.

— Visitors will have their temperature taken upon arrival. If a person's temperature exceeds 37.5 ° C, the person and its accompanying group will not be allowed to enter Proa.

— We ask that you do not visit us if you have symptoms of COVID-19, have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days, or have been in close contact with someone infected or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.


— Every member of our staff permanently wears a face mask. In case of observing any imprudence, we ask that you please inform the personnel at reception.

— All adults and children 6 years or older are required to wear masks throughout their visit. Masks need to cover your nose and mouth; face shields without masks are not sufficient. We will have disposable masks available for adults and children should they be needed.

Hand washing
and disinfection

— Upon arrival, and after checking your temperature, you will find hand sanitizer for your use. You will also find them throughout the building. We suggest its frequent use.

Exhibition and
social distancing

Proa has designed the exhibition with a 2 –meter-distance throughout all the rooms, in compliance with the official protocol’s social distance requirements.

— Proa staff will keep a 2-meter-distance between each other and the visitors.

— Visitors must be careful to keep a 2-meter-distance between themselves.

— Family groups of up to four members or cohabiting couples are not concerned by this rule. Nor do senior visitors or visitors with reduced mobility that are visiting with an accompanying person.

and Storage

— We ask visitors not to bring bags, oversized objects or of any other kind, since storage spaces are not available for use.

— In the case of bringing a wheelchair, strollers or other types of necessary oversized objects, these must be disinfected by the visitor before leaving them at reception.

— We recommend to use the stairs.

— The elevator is limited to one person, one family of up to 4 members or one cohabitating couple at a time. Senior visitors or people with reduced mobility can enter with an accompanying person.

— Proa cleaning staff permanently disinfects restrooms. Visitors must follow disinfection instructions, and wash their hands at the entrance and before leaving.

Roads and

— We ask visitors to pay special attention to the circulation marks both on the floor and on the walls. These marks are there to help visitors travel through the various spaces and promote physical distancing.

at Proa

Proa has security personnel, educators in the exhibition rooms and a cleaning team who are available for any question or doubt that may emerge.

— Proa staff welcomes visitors, guide them during their visit and helps them follow the safety rules.

About the
and capacity

— Throughout the building’s four exhibition rooms it is recommended to respect the room capacity indicated by the educators.

— Video rooms have seats. These rooms have a capacity limited to one person, family group or cohabiting couple at a time. People with special needs can enter with an accompanying person.