• Conjeturas

    Explorando el arte hoy
    August 26th - November, 2023

    Organized by: Proa Foundation
    Curator: Rodrigo Alonso
    Sponsors: Tenaris - Ternium

    From August 26 to next November in the halls of Fundación Proa, a set of works by prominent contemporary Argentine artists will be presented. Curated by Rodrigo Alonso, pieces by Andrés Aizicovich, Sergio Avello, Elena Dahn, Iara Freiberg, Mauro Giaconi, Silvia Gurfein, Alicia Herrero, La Chola Poblete, Analía Sabán, Mariela Scafati, Alan Martín Segal, Juan Sorrentino, Amparo Viau and Dolores Zinny and Juan Maidagan.
  • Alexander Apostol. Rgimen: A dramatis personae (2018), Instalacin/fotografa
    Alexander Apostol. Rgimen: A dramatis personae (2018), Instalacin/fotografa

    PROA21 | Alexander Apstol. Postura y Geometra en la era de la Autocracia Tropical

    September 2nd - October 22nd, 2023

    Organized by: Proa Foundation and PROA21
    Curator: Cuauhtémoc Medina
    Sponsored by: Tecpetrol

    Since September 2, the exhibition of the multimedia conceptual artist Alexander Apóstol will be presented in the PROA21 space. Curated by the critic and historian Cuauhtemoc Medina, the exhibition brings together pieces that cover the three most characteristic supports of his production - films, photographs and large-scale installations - through which he analyzes gender issues and the political situation in the region, in particular from his native Venezuela.
  • Liv Schulman. A somatic play (Aduaneras), 2019
    Liv Schulman. A somatic play (Aduaneras), 2019


    September - October, 2023

    Organized by: Whitechapel Gallery, London - Fundación Proa, Buenos Aires
    Sponsors: Tenaris - Ternium

    Within the framework of the 2023 edition of Artist's Film International (AFI), every Sunday in September from 4 to 6 p.m., A somatic play (Customs) 2019, by the Argentine artist Liv Schulman, is screened at the Proa Auditorium.
    The diaspora is the central theme of the works presented within the collaborative project that brings together artists from all over the world and who work on multiple audiovisual language platforms, such as film, video and animation.