27.05.09 - Proa Caf

Las comisuras de La Boca (The corners of the mouth)

Fundación PROA presents the second phase of Las comisuras de La Boca (The corners of the mouth), an artistic proposition with works produced specifically for the PROA Café thought of by Karina Granieri y Julia Masvernat.

In the first phase, during the months of March and April, a video program was presented (Gabriel Baggio, Vanessa Saimovici, Graciela Taquini, Leticia El Halli Obeid, Marco Paulo Rolla and Ivana Vollaro) together with a performance by Gabriel Baggio, Conversación.

In this second phase, the following interventions will be presented: Capital Cultural (Cultural Capital), by Alicia Herrero, and Los gestos textiles (Textile gestures), by Julia Masvernat. The objective is to continue showing investigations related to the idea of nutrition “not only as alimentation, but also as conversations, transmissions, memories, accidents, currency, cultural goods and exchanges”, explain the project’s coordinators.

For a while now, Alicia Herrero has been developing a work with two recurring themes: the quotidian and the conversational. For this opportunity, her work Capital Cultural is formulated by a recompilation of images of related objects, which produces a new functional object: place-mats printed on paper, which will be used in the PROA Café. Her work proposes a reflection regarding the symbolic exchanges and the dimension of value and cultural goods.

The proposal Los gestos textiles, by Julia Masvernat, brings together a series of texts cut out of their original context. “There is no succession of symbols lined up one behind the other, its more like the work flirts with the architecture of the PROA Café, inventing new spectators”, explains Karina Granieri, the project’s coordinator. In this way a new text composed of cutout fragments on paper are suspended in the connecting space between the PROA Café and the PROA Library. “This new landscape of multiple voices, a remix of never ending supports, proposes open-ended senses: taste, smell, sound, hearing, speech, lived-in space”, explains Karina Granieri, coordinator of this second phase.

“In both proposals, there is a process with a deconstructive mood that begins with activating a razor-blade eye that cuts out the images, words and dispersed meanings, mapping out and interpreting a territory. In this way revealing the dynamics of the society and culture in which we live”, adds Granieri.

Las comisuras de La Boca will be presented from Saturday March 30th 2009 at the PROA Café, Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1929, La Boca, Buenos Aires.

Visiting hours are Tuesday through Sunday from 11 to 19 hours.


Alicia Herrero


Capital Cultural (Cultural Capital), 2009

Offset print. Original collage

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Alicia Herrero works within diverse supports and practices. Her various projects have been seen in: dispari&dispari project (2009); Van Abbemuseum (2008); Mirta Demare Gallery (2008); 4th Göteborg Biennial for Contemporary Art Rethinking Dissent (2007); La Bienal del Fin del Mundo (2007); Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Posadas (2006); MACRO (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Rosario) (2005); NGBK (Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst) (2003); Shedhalle (2003); Boijmans van Beuningen Museum (2001/02); among others. She carries out Magazine in situ in different cities and coordinates the Investigation Laboratory in Contemporary Artistic Practices (C.C.R.Rojas, Buenos Aires).



Julia Masvernat


Los gestos textiles (Textile Gestures), 2009

Cutout paper

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Julia Masvernat is a visual artist and graphic designer. Her work is developed through various medias and techniques: wooden objects, cutout paper installation, shadow projections, interactive audiovisual games, web platforms. The intimate relationship with the materials and their transformations (of form and meaning) is a recurring theme in her projects. She has exposed works in various individual and group shows (C.C.R.Rojas, C.C. Recoleta, CCEBA, arteBA, VideoBrasil, Fundación Telefónica, Fundación PROA, Galería BM). She has participated in the Rojas-UBA-Kuitca scholarship 2003-2005. She took part in the group works Terraza and the Taller Popular de Serigrafía. She is a university professor in electronic art and gives a youth-oriented workshop in visual arts.


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