Water, streets, and the imprint of the legendary artist group "El Bermellón" weave the plot of the third work in the Temporada Alta cycle presented in the PROA21 garden.

An actress, a singer, a dancer, and a composer inhabit words, sounds, gestures, and movements that invoke ancestral deities in an invented present, bringing echoes of a past full of voices and colors, describe the authors of this research project, which during its development was tutored by Fernando Rubio. A sort of Iemanjá emerging from the Riachuelo narrates situations that delve into the different historical layers of La Boca, those that are there, in the urban landscape, and that we don't always look at. A blend of opera and performance, "Boca Overflow Vermillion" gathers large doses of poetry, live musical composition, theater, and movement arts.

"We were particularly interested in the fact that 'El Bermellón' was the first multidisciplinary artist collective in the neighborhood of La Boca to settle and organize in the Cichero house building, where the garden is currently located; also because they had a brief but very bustling period of work: it caused a lot of commotion within the culture of that time, they were also artists and workers," explain directors Noelia Morales and Hugo Martínez about this piece created by the collectives Ciudades Poéticas and Mantis Orquídea.

"Although it happened a century ago, it led us to think about the present, why La Boca is a beacon for artists, why they decided to settle there when the port was very important in the city; and what happened in the neighborhood afterwards, what were the social transformations, what happened to those colorful architectures or settlements and what would happen if in a hundred years other artists come and create another work," they add.


Temporada Alta 24: "Boca desborde bermellón", interview to Hugo Martínez & Noelia Morales




Pablo Castronovo
Iván García
Marcela Guerty
Ulises Martínez

Victoria Cóccaro

Art Direction, Costume Design, and Realization
Adriana Baldani

Musical Direction and Real-time Composition
Ulises Martínez

Proa Foundation & Proa21

Ciudades Poéticas Collective & Mantis Orquídea Collective

Fernando Rubio

Ciudades Poéticas Collective & Mantis Orquídea Collective

Hugo Martínez & Noelia Morales