Online Classes | Are we facing a new era of life on earth?

Within the framework of the exhibition on climate change, the environment and biodiversity, on Wednesday, February 22 at 5:00 p.m., we will be waiting for you in the Zoom class: "Anthropocene: Photography and Landscape".

In this meeting, the photographic production of the Canadian Edward Burtynsky is analyzed.

Developments in photographic technique have modified the access to the visible; shots from drones and satellites expand the possibilities of the human eye.

These factors are combined with Burtynsky's skill and experience. His taste for composition, color and geometry crosses documentaryism and contemporary aesthetics in his images in a proposal that goes from exhibition to activism.

The education team presents the exhibition and its main axes and invites us to delve into photographic landscapes as a way of representing and making visible contemporary environmental problems.

Are we facing a new era of life on earth?