The publication Systems, Actions and Processes 1965-1975 presents a group of previously unpublished texts, material essential to grasping the marked shift that began to take place in art the world over at that moment. A visual overview with images of major works and art actions, this 300-page publication renovates the vision of a crucial historical period.

In his rigorous selection, Rodrigo Alonso, the editor of the publication and the curator of the exhibition, formulates a reflection on the social, political and theoretical conditions that evidence the persistent question about the limits of art.

This publication brings together for the first time unpublished theoretical texts by Cristina Freire, Andrea Giunta and Rodrigo Alonso; historical documents never before translated into Spanish by Mel Bochner, Lucy Lippard and John Chandler, and important manifestos.

Systems, Actions and Processes. 1965-1975 constitutes an essential bibliographical source on a decisive chapter in the history of 20th-century art.