A broad exploration field: the books by artist

The book by artist is a work of art that uses the format of a book in order experiment plastically. The traditional support of theoretical or literarily texts and images is transformed into an independent medium for the artist, allowing infinite possibilities and combinations of technique, format and materials.

The proposals can be purely visual or textual, or a combination of both, where the textual takes a plastic aspect. It can be a transportable object, by employing the different formats of the publications (book, magazine, catalog, newspaper) or a sculptural object or a pictoric one, becoming a book-object, where the primary interest is the format and symbolic character of a book. They can be unique pieces or a sequence of pieces depending on the artist’s intentions, edited by himself or by specialized editors under his own supervision.

The artists can conceive the work in many different ways: they can create a book or manipulate and intervene one already edited in order to transform this one into a unique piece.

This kind of artistic expression needs the active participation of the viewer/reader, since the work is created to be manipulated, touched, read, seen and needs time in order to discover all the its components with each passing page.

Even though the book format has its background in the Futurist, Russian constructivist and Dadaist movements, is in the 1960s that it is conceived as a work of art, opening a new field of experimentation.

The Books by artist from the Luigi Pecci Collection exhibition, is formed by a selection of works from the collection of Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Pecci de Prato, Italy. Its focus is a wide range of Italian and international artist books. In this opportunity, the exhibition presents a tour through the Italian artists works from the 1960s until today, allowing a deep and diverse exploration on the books by artist subject matter.

By Cecilia Rabossi
Invited curator

Marco Bazzini
Artistic Director, Centro per l'arte contemporaneo Luigi Pecci

Invited curator, didactics and audiovisuals:
Cecilia Rabossi

Aimé Iglesias Lukin

Exhibition design
Daniel Joglar
Sergio Avello

Instituto Italiano de Cultura de Buenos Aires
Embassy of Italia in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fundación Proa, with the permanent support  of Tenaris - Organización Techint.