The edition Art of Contradictions. Pop, Realisms and Politics. Brazil - Argentina 1960 contains a body of works and texts that evidences the effervescence of artists, as well as the challenges they faced, as they navigated the eagerness to modernize and the urgency of revolutionary struggles.
In the rigorous selection of texts in the over 250 pages of this volume, Paulo Herkenhoff and Rodrigo Alonso—coordinators of the publication and curators of the exhibition—formulate a reflection on the conditions that led to the expansion of the limits of art in both countries; they provide further research into a critical moment in recent history.

The edition contains never-before-published texts by the exhibition’s curators and by researcher Gonzalo Aguilar who discusses the changes that took place on both art scenes. Historical texts from the decade as well as artists’ manifestos and an extensive timeline demonstrate the coexistence of the diverse events, ways of thinking and points of view operative in an art of contradictions. 

An excellent dossier with works and reproductions of images provide the reader with an iconography of the period remarkable for its versatility, complexity and relentless pursuit of a new image.

Texts: Paulo Herkenhoff / Rodrigo Alonso / Gonzalo Aguilar
Historical documents: Lawrence Alloway / Waldemar Cordeiro / León Ferrari / Roberto Jacoby / Oscar Masotta / Luis Felipe Noé / Hélio Oiticica / Pierre Restany / Jorge Romero Brest

Art of Contraditions. Pop, Realisms and Politics. Brazil – Argentina 1960 is a crucial bibliographical reference on a decisive chapter in the history of 20th-century art.