03.02.12 - Education

Weekend Family Workshops: Centro Cultural Nómade

Art workshops in the sidewalk of Proa, a summer filled with art and creativity

With different and varied activities to play and create, since Saturday, January 21st, the Centro Cultural Nómade (Nomad Cultural Center) invites adults and children to participate and have fun with art workshops in the sidewalk of Proa.

It is to liberate the imagination, feel the neighborhood in a different and new way, think about the environment and live a summer filled with different experiences, that the CCN opens a new era of free activities in the street every Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 am to 1 pm and from 3 to 6 pm.

A group of young artists and educators proposes to encourage creativity and experimentation of adults and children alike, through actions specifically designed to reflect, invent and produce together.

Designed by the architects of a77 studio, the recycled container where the CCN works, returns to Proa where it was launched in 2011. Afterwards, it began its tour through the South area of the city, visiting first the Centro Hipermediático Experimental Latinoamericano (cheLA) and later the Centro Metropolitano de Diseño (CMD).

The Nomad project, promoted by a77 (Gustavo Dieguez and Lucas Gilardi) and Proa, was approved by the Law of Patronage of the City Government and developed under the architectural precepts of resource sustainability.

The container displays in each institution furniture made out of refunctionalized wood, mobile pieces able to adapt to different situations.

By social integration, environmental care, aesthetics and the disciplinary cross between contemporary art, music, theater and film as aims and core values, the Centro Cultural Nómade and Proa continue to emphasize their educational destination.

Special workshops for institutions: (011) 4104-1041 / educacion@proa.org


Coordinator: Laura Ferreiros