05.01.12 - Gods, rites and crafts of the prehispanic Mexico

“Gods, rites and crafts of the prehispanic México”. New closing date: February 21


Until Tuesday, February 21, 2012 will be extended Gods, rites and crafts of the Prehispanic Mexico, the first exhibition in Argentina of more than 150 pieces of the cultures that inhabited the Gulf of Mexico before the Spanish conquest. After a significant impact on public and on national and international media over almost three months, the show will be open during Summer in Fundación Proa, with more educational activities and online resources available: audio guide, guided visits by the curator and interviews with experts in the field of archaeology.

The gods and their various representations and figures, the rites and sacrifices, and finally crafts and daily life of these societies, are the three main topics of a unique journey through emblematic works, and others never seen before. The pieces are part of the collections of 13 museums in the state of Veracruz, two Houses of Culture, an archaeological site and the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico (INAH). Gods, rites and crafts..., curated by David Morales Gómez, is organized by the Embassy of Mexico in Argentina and is supported by Tenaris / Techint Organization.

Audio Guide
Proa offers the online Audio Guide of the exhibition Gods, rites and crafts...
Download here (in Spanish)

In five chapters produced by PROA TV, curator David Morales Gómez explains the four rooms of Gods, rites and crafts... The gods, the sacrifices, the rites, the work of lapidaries and potters, the architecture and the daily life are the major contributions made by the archaeologist and curator.
Proa's exclusive content channel features interviews with experts who participated in the International Colloquium held during the exhibition: youtube.com/proawebtv

Guided visits
In Spanish: Tuesday to Friday - 5PM / Saturdays and Sundays - 3PM and 5PM.
In-depth Guided Visits for students (in Spanish): Tuesdays - 4PM
In English and groups: Please contact visitas@proa.org / 4104-1041.
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