13.10.11 - Gods, rites and crafts of the prehispanic Mexico

New Catalog: "Gods, rites and crafts of the prehispanic Mexico"

The publication Dioses, ritos y oficios del México prehispánico (Gods, rites and crafts in the prehispanic Mexico) presents a group of outstanding and never-before-seen archeological pieces from the different cultures that inhabited what is now the Veracruz region on the Gulf of Mexico.


From the perspective of the present, this publication makes it possible to accurately recreate and delve into the aesthetic experience and symbolic efficacy of each object and representation. It is the first catalog to bring together pieces from thirteen museums, two cultural centers, an archeological site and the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia de México (INAH).

The publication includes gods, with their multiple functions and the breadth of the formal approaches developed in their name; rites and the objects connected to ritual celebrations and the embodiment of divine attributes; and trades in the form of objects that evidence the remarkable production of groups of craftsmen, and a daily life rich in creativity.

A group of texts by experts delves into the meanings of each of these practices and makes it possible to reconstruct the dynamics of these societies. The curator of the exhibition and coordinator of its catalog, David Morales Gómez, selected writings produced in the context of the most recent studies into commerce, the ritual of the ball, work with stone, pottery, and sacrifices, thus offering a comprehensive overview of the zones richest in terms of cultural diversity.

Gods, rites and crafts in the prehispanic Mexico is a crucial volume. The enduring images and significant contributions of the texts make it possible not only to examine the past of the American continent but also, and above all, to keep its memory alive.