13.05.11 - Contemporary Space

Ernesto Ballesteros. "Onomatopeyasvisuales"

Coordination: Santiago Bengolea

Ernesto Ballesteros´s work continues with the artistic intervention program in the Contemporary Space. As concentrated as expansive, the “bubbles” of the artist dominate the main wall of Proa's Café, and on its gathering and disemination, they potenciate the invasive effects of figures.

Ballesteros says: “My intervention in Proa pretends to alude slight but unmistakeably to comics. From a distance, a far distance, from the motorway for example, Proa seems a tiny little white cube in the middle of many objects of different shapes, states and colours. That white cube can only contain a treassure, the way that chests do: brightness with short lines and white dots, everything tending to roundness. If we go towards there and into the white box, we will discover that the treassure was already sacked, or maybe it is just that, in some other round or chubby corner that shines”.

Sponsored by Tenaris


Borned in Buenos Aires in 1963. He obtained important prizes, such as Leonardo Prize to the Young Generation, the Great Painting Prize of Honor Federico Lanús (Arts National Fund), Gunther Prize silver medal, Chandon First Prize, Jorge R. Brest award of Palermo University, Andreani Foundation First Prize and Siemens Prize golden medal.
He was involved in numerous collective and individual exhibitions, among them, the one that took place in Ruth Benzacar Gallery of Buenos Aires (where he is artist from); Nara Roesler in San Pablo; Civitella Rainieri Foundation (Italy), the ArtBasel Argentine Project in Miami, and Expansive Links in Houston, USA, among many others. The
critics Edward Shaw, Jorge Glusberg, Alicia de Arteaga, Fabián Lebenglik and Ana María Battistozzi have written about him, among many others.