13.11.10 - Auditorium

Contemporary Music Concerts. Alvin Lucier / Alter Ego. November 24

Wednesday November 24
7PM Gustavo Fernández Walker will interview composer Alvin Lucier
8.30PM Alter Ego Ensemble Concert



Admission: $10
Information: auditorio@proa.org / (011) 4104-1001

Avant-garde composer Alvin Lucier, one of the most distinguished figures in experimental music, will dialogue with Gustavo Fernández Walker on Wednesday November 24 at Proa’ s Auditorium. Later on, the Alter Ego Ensemble will play a selected contemporary music program.

Both events are part of the XIV Program of Contemporary Music Concerts, organized by the Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires and under the direction of Martin Bauer. The event has the support of Fundación Proa.

Alvin Lucier (1931, EEUU) is a pioneer and key figure in experimental music. His more recent works include sound installations and compositions for solo instruments, camera ensembles and orchestras. In this one-off event, Lucier will discuss different aspects of what is contemporary with Gustavo Fernández Walker.

Musicians Oscar Pizzo (piano), Francesco Dillon (cello) and Manuel Zurria (flute), members of the Alter Ego Italian Ensemble, will be accompanied by percussionist Antonio Caggiano. The program will include the piece “Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra”, composed by Lucier as a triangle solo. The composer said about the work: “I took the title from the Surrealist manifest from 1922 by Spanish film director Luis Buñuel. He gave several descriptions and tittles to all the instruments on the orchestra and named the orchestra’s triangle Silver Streetcar (…). The musician simply hits the triangle during the whole length of the piece (…). That is to say that you hear the triangle in all its marvelous manifestations, extraordinary sounds that you never knew were there”.

Alter Ego will present a selection of pieces little known to the Argentinean audience. Its members are considered internationally amongst the most important instrumental players in the European Contemporary Music panorama. They are known for their collaborations with visual and scenic artists and with pop and rock musicians. They have collaborated with figures such as Irvine Arditti, Salvatore Sciarrino, Philip Glass, Kaija Sariajo, Frederick Rzewski, David Lang and Alvin Curran. They have played at Proa on several occasions since 2004.

I. 3 bagatelle (2008) by Francesco Filidei
Manuel Zurria (flute) / Francesco Dillon (cello) / Oscar Pizzo (piano)
II. Rekindle (2010) by Michel van der Aa
Manuel Zurria (flute) and tape
III. Voicelessness (the snow has no voice) (1986) by Beat Furrer
Oscar Pizzo (piano)
IV. Quatre récitations (2010) by Georges Aperghis
Francesco Dillon (cello)
V. Puja (2004) by Mazulis
Manuel Zurria (flute) and tape
VI. Incarnation II (1978) by Somei Satoh
Oscar Pizzo (piano) and electronic
VII. Curve with plateaux (1982) by Jonathan Harvey
Francesco Dillon (cello)
VIII. Corroto (1982) by Jacob TV
Manuel Zurria (flute) / Francesco Dillon (cello) / Oscar Pizzo (piano)
IX. Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra (1998) by Alvin Lucier

Contemporary Music Concerts’ complete program at: www.teatrosanmartin.com.ar

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