09.11.10 - Imn: Nueva York

Magnet: New York. Book presentation at Pinta Art Fair, New York

Saturday November 13th - 6:30 pm
PINTA Fair, Pier 92, 12th Avenue, 52nd Street. New York


Rodrigo Alonso, Jaime Davidovich, Liliana Porter and Adriana Rosenberg

In occasion of PINTA New York, Fundación Proa will host Magnet: New York. Argentine artists from the 60s' book presentation. The publication is the result of the investigation behind the exhibition Imán: Nueva York, held at Fundación Proa in Buenos Aires, between August - October 2010. Since the 1960s, New York has held a particular attraction for Argentine artists. This attraction was complemented by an American policy to approach Latin American countries after the cuban revolution, and the interest of Argentine institutions to place local art production in an international art scene. In this context, many Argentine artists visited, worked and emigrated to the Big Apple, promoting dialogue and exchange between both poles, which has not yet ceased. The book presentation will be a opportinity to pick up and continue with the analysis of this topic, offering a contemporary perspective that attends to the reception of Latin American art in New York. The discussion will be conducted by Liliana Porter and Jaime Davidovich, artists of Imán: Nueva York exhibition and Rodrigo Alonso, curator of the exhibition and book editor.

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