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Jon Lee Anderson. Public lecture: November 2, 6.30 PM

Public lecture at Fundación Proa's Auditorium: November 2, 6.30 PM

American journalist Jon Lee Anderson will once again give a workshop in Buenos Aires; this time, from Octobre 30 to November 3, on the topic of writing reportages. The seminar will take place at Fundación Proa.

Jon Lee Anderson is a lecturer at the Iberoamerican New Journalism Foundation (Fundación Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano - FNPI). Over the last decade, this institution has developed several workshops on cultural journalism alongside Fundación Proa. Within the frame of this workshop, Anderson will also give a public lecture at Proa.

Anderson is one of the most important English-speaking reporters, specialized in biographies. He wrote unforgettable stories on Fidel Castro, Gabriel García Márquez, Augusto Pinochet, King Juan Carlos of Spain and Saddam Hussein; as well as the best-selling biography "Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life".

Guided by Jon Lee Anderson, sixteen Latin-American journalists selected by the FNPI will work for five days discussing the conceptual and methodological aspects of writing profiles and reportages.

Since 2000, Fundación Proa develops a Journalism training program together with the FNPI. Over the last ten years, both institutions have co-organized several workshops and seminars lectured by the most distinguished international figures of Journalism including Ryszard Kapuscinski, Tomás Eloy Martínez, Jon Lee Anderson, Javier Darío Restrepo, Héctor Feliciano and Susan Meiselas.

List of participants
Mario Prenz (Editorial Televisa Argentina. Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Claudio Savoia (Clarín. Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Nazaret Castro (Público. Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Rodolfo Palacios (Editorial Perfil. Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Dante Leguizamón (Diario Día a Día. Río Ceballos, Argentina)
Daniel Dessein (La Gacetal. San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina)
Nelfi Fernández Reyes (El Norte/El Deber. Santa Cruz, Bolivia)
Verónica del Pilar Torres Salazar (The Clinic. Santiago, Chile)
Simón Posada Tamayo (Publicaciones Semana. Bogotá, Colombia)
Eric Lemus (BBC. San Salvador, El Salvador)
Margarita María Solano (Revista Código Topo. Distrito Federal, México)
Zorayda Gallegos Valle (Periódico Expreso. Hermosillo, México)
Víctor Núñez (Milenio. Distrito Federal, México)
Dora Luz Romero Mejía (La Prensa. San Marcos, Nicaragua)
Jose Oscar Castilla Contreras (El Comercio. Lima, Perú)
Milagros Salazar (InterPress Service. Lima, Perú)

Jon Lee Anderson (California, USA, 1957) is one of the most important investigation reporters writing for The New Yorker magazine. He began working as a journalist in 1979 for The Lima Times in Peru. Anderson has also written for The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Guardian, El País, Harper's and Times magazine.
His character profiles and on-site reportages from Afghanistan, Iraq, Angola and El Salvador stand out from his production. His most important books are "Guerrillas: Journeys In the Insurgent World", "Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life", "The Lion's Grave: Dispatches from Afghanistan", "The Fall of Baghdad" (a compilation of letters that he wrote for The New Yorker from Iraq's capital city) and the recent "El dictador, los demonios y otras crónicas" (edited in Spanish), a collection of articles on Latin American and Spanish politics.
In 2005, Anderson gave a workshop on profiles at Fundación Proa.