24.09.10 - News

Remix magazine presents its new number in Proa

Remix magazine presents its new issue, D-mode 164, and their new CD D-Mode Spring, containing a special homage. Nike’s Boca team t-shirt customized and re-interpreted by designers Evangelina Bomparola, Martín Churba (Tramando),  Cynthia Kern (Kosiuko), Pablo Ramírez, Kito Rojas, Swarovski and Jessica Trosman. They celebrate one of the biggest football icons for fashion, art and design worldwide, adding original design to the iconic representation of the traditional neighborhood of La Boca’s spirit.

Visitors can appreciate the T-shirts this weekend at Proa, entrance free. 

Remix also presents a ping-pong festival, proposed by Infinit, and its new edition of rackets.  
On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, several ping-pong tables -intervened by artists- will be available at Proa’ s sidewalk for visitors to play with.

Remix chose Proa for being a trendy art space in the city.