20.09.10 - Imn: Nueva York

Artists + Critics: Liliana Porter. New York: Now and then

Saturday, September 25 - 5:00 PM

Based in New York since the 1960s, Liliana Porter is one of the most distinguished Argentinean -and Latin American- artists. Next Saturday September 25, Porter will engage in conversation with the audience regarding the evolution of art in the Big Apple from 1960 onwards. In occasion of the Artists + Critics program, Porter will visit the galleries of Imán: Nueva York with art historian Silvia Dolinko.

Liliana Porter lives in New York since 1964, year when she took part of the exhibition "Magnet New York" at the Bonino Gallery. This show is a antecedent for exhibition Imán: Nueva York exhibition at Proa. Her work was included in many solo and group exhibitions in the US as well as in other ten countries worldwide.

Her wok Sombras, exhibited for the first time at the Di Tella Institute's "Experiencias 69" and reconstructed by the artist herself for this show, is currently being exhibited in Imán: Nueva York's gallery.

Porter' s visit will close the Artists + Critics program. During this last couple of months, Proa hosted encounters with the protagonist of Imán: Nueva York exhibition, where they re-lived their experience of the 1960s and impressions of the Big Apple. Leandro Katz, Eduardo Costa, Alejandro Puente, Luis Felipe Noé, Delia Cancela and Luis Wells dialogued with acknowledged art specialists and reviewed their life production. Furthermore, curator Rodrigo Alonso reflected with the audience, presenting his investigation and viewpoint behind the exhibition.