06.09.10 - Imn: Nueva York

Artists + Critics: Rodrigo Alonso. On curatorial practices and the choice of exhibited art works. Saturday, September 11

In this guided tour, curator Rodrigo Alonso will dialog with the audience on the most important concepts of exhibition Imán: Nueva York. The guidelines of the encounter will be: the curatorial practice, the choice of exhibited artwork and critical readings of 1960s decade. During this unique opportunity, Rodrigo Alonso will give an remarkable panorama on contemporary art and its historical importance.



Rodrigo Alonso carried out an in depth historical investigation, interviewing the exhibited artists and production agents in order to reconstruct the cultural scene of the 60's. The audience will be able to dialog directly with the curator and exchange their impressions on the show.

Next Saturday September 18, attending guests  will be artist Luis Wells and art critic Cristina Rossi. The program will end on September 25, with the presence of Liliana Porter, accompanied by Silvia Dolinko.

Coordination: Laura Casanovas

- Saturday September 11
Rodrigo Alonso

- Saturday September 18

Luis Wells - Cristina Rossi

- Saturday September 25
Liliana Porter - Silvia Dolinko