27.08.10 - Imán: Nueva York

Imán: Nueva York - Exhibition audio guide

An English audio guide for Imán: Nueva York is available for download to all exhibition visitors. The audio introduces the main ideas behind Rodrigo Alonso’s curatorial proposal, research and conceptual frame.

The audio guide constitutes an in depth analysis on 1970s art scene, the institutions that promoted the exchange between Argentina and New York, and the exhibition artists. The guide pauses on the works that best represent each of the ideas developed, following a clear and didactic itinerary. At any moment of the tour, the visitors can dialogue with the educators, permanently stationed at each exhibition room.

This initiative offers a new way of getting closer to the exhibition, apart from guided tours, study material made available at PROA’ s Library and encounters with the artists, which take place each Saturday.

Download the audio guide>>