13.07.10 - Auditorium

Book presentation: “In search of lost sense. 10 argentinean art projects. 1998-2008″

Concept: Valeria González / Gabriel Baggio
Texts: Valeria González

July Saturday 17, 17PM
Fundación Proa’s Auditorium. Free admission

Valeria González presents “In search of lost sense”(Papers Editores, 2009). The ten projects brought together in this book were carried out in private homes or institutions found outside the art circuit between 1998 and 2008.

According to the authors, “While the search for alternative locations responded to a critical, negative attitude within the avant-garde tradition, these artists postulate a terrain of singular affirmation. They orchestrate connective situations and experiences that differ widely, in the author’s opinion, from so-called relational aesthetics, because they search for ethical values capable of offering resistance to contemporary culture´s dominant models”.

In search of lost sense brings together the following projects:
“Ferro-Carriles Argentinos” (”Argentinean Railways”), 1998, Patricio Larrambebere
“Ensayo de un Museo Libertario” (”Rehearsal for an Anarchist Museum”), 2000, Magdalena Jitrik
“Opción Antifuncional” (”Anti-functional Option”), 2001, Silvina D’Alessandro y Marcos Xcella
“Nieto” (”Grandson”), 2002, Gabriel Baggio
“Domínguez Dentrecasa” (”Homebody Domínguez”), 2003, Lila Siegrist
“El Arco del Triunfo Entrópico” (”The Entropic Triumphal Arch”), 2004, Julián d’Angiolillo
“Laboratorio Baigorria S.A.” (”Baigorria Laboratories”), 2004,  Verónica Gómez
“Visitas a la casa del coleccionista” (”Visits to the Collector’s House”), 2004,  Provisorio-permanente
“Desde el Alma” (”From the Soul”), 2007, Gabriel Baggio, Carolina Katz y Zoe Di Rienzo
“Espacios débiles” (”Weak Spaces”), 2008, Romina Orazi

The publication includes a large graphic display of photographs of the works and a DVD with audiovisual recordings for 4 of the projects.

“From the Soul” inhabited apartment of Gabriel Baggio, Zoe Di Rienzo and Carolina Katz

“In search of lost sense. 10 argentinean art projects. 1998-2008″ (2010)
Papers Editores
156 pages / Bilingual edition / Includes DVD

Available at Proa’s Library:
libreria@proa.org / +54 11 4104-1005