05.05.10 - Auditorium

Book Presentation “The Ghosts of Ñancahuazú” by Leandro Katz

Conversations with Eduardo Grüner, Leandro Katz and Mariano Mestman
Screening of the documentary film “The Day You’ll Love Me” (1997. Dir. Leandro Katz. 30′)

Saturday, May 8th, 6.00 pm
Auditorium - Fundación Proa. Free entrance

The artist, writer and filmmaker Leandro Katz presents his latest book, The Ghosts of Ñancahuazú, a collection of images, installations and texts by artists and writers that interchange ideas about Freddy Alborta´s photographs on Ernesto Che Guevara´s corpse, after his assassination in Bolivia in 1967.

A screening of Leandro Katz´s award-winning documentary essay The Day You’ll Love Me (1997), will be held during the presentation. The film reflects on death and the power of the image, taking as its starting point the picture taken of Che Guevara as he laid dead surrounded by his captors.

The author will dialogue with sociologist and essayist Eduardo Grüner and researcher Mariano Mestman, authors of the texts included in the publication, along with the commentaries by John Berger, Jean Franco and Jeffrey Skoller

The book´s title refers to the name of the guerrilla group led by Che Guevara in Bolivia, yet Katz main focus refers to “the ghost of the dead guerrillero”.

In addition to the texts analyzing the impact of photography on contemporary Latin American history, The Ghosts of Ñancahuazú presents the The Day You’ll Love Me DVD, reproductions of Katz´s works and installations, and never before seen images by Freddy Alborta, the famous Bolivian photographer that captured Guevara´s death with his lens.

The Ghosts of Ñancahuazú (2010)
Ed. La Lengua Viperina
300 pgs. / English and Spanish texts