12.08.09 - Auditorium

Ricardo Piglia in Proa

On Sunday August 16th at 17:30 hs, as part of the cycle “Encuentros y diálogos”, Ricardo Piglia, in a dialogue with Graciela Speranza, will present “Literature and the city”, a dialogue in which literature approached within the urban frame and its different themes.

The cycle “Encuentros y diálogos” invites different specialists to reflect onto the urban and its connection to art, focusing on the city of Buenos Aires.

Some information on Ricardo Piglia…
Born in Adrogué, province of Buenos Aires, in 1941. Professor, narrator, literary critic, screenwriter. He has taught at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Currently teaches at Princeton University and at the University of California in Davis. He also directed the magazine Literatura y Sociedad.

In 1967, his collection of short stories La invasión was given the Mención Especial at the VII Concurso de Casa de las Américas (the jury was formed by Mario Benedetti, Enrique Lihn, Jesús Díaz and Dalmiro Sáenz).

In 1975 he published “Nombre falso”, a book of stories that has been translated into French and Portuguese. In 1980 appeared “Respiración artificial, of great repercussion within the literary environment, and considered done of the most representative novels of new Argentine literature. His following novel, “Ciudad ausente”, took twelve years to come out. Base don this novel, Piglia elaborated the 1995 script for an opera with music by Gerardo Gandini.

Piglia received, in November 1997, the Premio Planeta for his novel “Plata quemada”. It was a unanimous decision made by the jury, composed by Augusto Roa Bastos, Mario Benedetti, Tomás Eloy Martínez and María Esther de Miguel.

In addition to his fictional work, Piglia has worked in critique and essay writing, publishing on subjects such as Arlt, Borges, Macedonio Fernández, Sarmiento, among other Argentine writers.