04.08.09 - Contemporary photography

August with photographers

Photographs by Photographers will continue through the month of August, thanks to the public success of the series of visits during July. New artists will visit us next month, always maintaining the concept of presenting different points of view on the exhibition.
Gabriel Valansi, Facundo de Zuviría, Marcos López, Marcelo Brodsky, Raquel Bigio, Jorge Miño, Augusto Zanela, and Marcelo Grosman will come every Saturday and Sunday in the usual schedule of 4 pm.

The guided visits are conceived so that each invited artist or specialist can reflect on the art works, Photography and the theme of the contemporary city, hoping to create a ground for debate and critical thinking on current sensitivities.

From August 1st until August 29th

Guided Visits - Complete Program

Gabriel Valansi     - 1/8 – 4 pm
Facundo de Zuviría -  2/8 - 4 pm
Marcos López y Valeria González 8/8 - 4 pm
Marcelo Brodsky - 9/8 - 4 pm
Raquel Bigio - 15/8 - 4 pm
Jorge Miño e invitado especial - 16/8 - 4 pm
Augusto Zanela - 23/8 -  4 pm
Marcelo Grosman - 29/8 -   4 pm

Admission $10, Students $6, Retired, $3
Limited admission, 30 people
Reservations: info@proa.org
Sponsored by BAPHOTO

Gabriel Valansi – 8/1
Lives and works in Buenos Aires. He teaches Audiovisual Design and Expressive media for the Graphic Design, Image Design, and Sound Design Majors at the University of Buenos Aires. His work is part of private and public collections. He is a consulting member of the Photographic collection at the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires. In 2003 he received the Artist of the year Award from the Art Critics Association. This same entity considered his exhibition Abstract (Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires) the best multimedia show of 2005. He also received the “Leonardo” award from the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes.

Facundo de Zuviría
- 8/8
Argentine. Lives in Buenos Aires. He specialized on architectural photography and urban-views. He has focused his personal work in the city and in developing a personal photographic language through books and alternative media. He has exhibited his work in museums around the country, in the San Pablo and Mercosur Biennale, in Photo Spain, and in the Mois of Photography in Paris, as well as in many major galleries in Europe and America. His work is part of private and public collections in Argentina and abroad. He has five published books on his work. The last one is a joint publication with the artist Horacio Copolla on the City of Buenos Aires. He has been invited to participate in this years Septiembre Fotográfico in Mexico, D.F.

Marcos López - 8/8
Born in Santa Fé in 1985. While studying engineering he became increasingly interested in photography, and in 1982 he decided to make Photography his chosen profession. He has been participant of several workshops along with prestigious Argentinean and foreign photographers.
 He has made several individual shows and has participated in several collective exhibitions in important local and international contemporary art institutions.
 His work is part of important collections such as the  Fundación Constantini (MALBA), Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (MNCARS), Museo del Barrio de Nueva York, and  the Museum of Fine Arts of Houston. His publications include:  “Retratos”, ”Pop Latino” and “El Jugador”.

Marcelo Brodsky  - 8/9
He was formed as a photographer during his exile in Barcelona in the 80’s. In 1997 edited and exhibited for the first time the photographic essay Buena Memoria, that compilated the personal and collective evolution on the life of a group of students from Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires, marked by the disappearing of two of its members in the hands of State terrorism in Argentina.
In the book fair of Buenos Aires of 2000 and at the Centro Cultural Recoleta he exhibited Los Condenados de la tierra, an installation of books that had been buried during the 70’s in Argentina. In 2002 he made another installation with rests of the walls from the AMIA, the jewish community’s building that suffered a terrorist attack. In 2006 he edited the book Memoria en Construcción, el debate sobre la ESMA, joining pieces and thoughts about Human rights in Argentina by 60 artists and intellectuals. He’s a member of the organism of Human Rights Buena Memoria and of the committee for a Monument for the victims of state terrorism - in charge of supervising the construction of the Memory park for the disappeared people during the last military dictatorship.

Raquel Bigio – 8/15
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She started her artistic education at the National School of Fine Arts Manuel Belgrano and at Pridiliano Pueyrredón, where she obtained her degree of National Teacher in Drawing and National Professor in Painting. Since 1980 she teaches and specializes in photography. Since 1984 she teaches Visual Bases in the School of Fine Arts Pridiliano Pueyrredón, and nowadays, at IUNA. During 1991 she was invited to teach in the International meetings of photography in Arles, France.
Between 1994 and 2000 she was the Photography Curator at Centro Cultural Recoleta. In her creative work she developed many techniques on non-conventional surfaces. She participated as a jury in different prices promoted by private and public institutions. She teaches seminars, offers talks and conferences. She also works in videos and installations. There are more than 20 published books about her works. Her pieces are part of important private and public collections.

Jorge Miño – 8/16
Born in Corrientes, Argentina in 1973, he studied painting at the studio of Ahuya Szlimowicz, and Photography with Alejando Kuropatwa and Martin Weber. He made different art workshops, including the one in photogaphic image and idea with Alberto Goldenstein, the workshop in contemporary art with Fabiana Barreda, and the workshop in urban landscape with Nacho Iasparra. In 2005 he studied with Pablo Vargas Lugo (Malba-Jumex) and at the program Intercampos from Fundación Telefónica de Buenos Aires. He won prizes from Salón Nacional de Rosario in 2007, first prize from Museo Castagnino in 2006, and second prize on Photography and Science from Centro Cultural Recoleta. He participated in many solo and group shows, in Argentina and around the world.

Augusto Zanela – 8/23
Born in Buenos Aires in 1967, he is an architect from University of Buenos Aires. He studied Photography, Drawing, and Aesthetics. He is director and teacher of Photography in the School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism from UBA, and also teaches Multimedia Communication in Maimonides University, and at The Cultural Center Ricardo Rojas. He’s artistic production is focused in the optic processes of formation of the image applied to photography, videos, and installations.
He won in 2004 the Great Prize in New Media and installation of the National Arts Award, the first prize of visual arts from the Argentine Galleries Association. He made many solo and group exhibitions in Argentina and around the world.

Marcelo Grosman – 8/29
Born in 1958, he studied architecture and Political Sciences. Nowadays, he teaches in the School of Cinema at UBA. He organized and directed many cultural events such as Estudio Abierto and Primer Encuentro de Pensamiento Urbano. Since 1999 he is cCurator of the Photographic collection at the Modern Art Museum of Buenos Aires.
He participated in national and international exhibitions, such as 4 photographers, in Vision Gallery, Houston, 1994, Al sur del Sur, in Casa de América, Madrid and Recorridos urbanos, at the Modern Art Museum of Buenos Aires. In 2005 he participated of the 5th International Biennale of Porto Alegre, Brasil. Since 1999 he is a founding member of Trama an international program that promotes the exchange of ideas through debates, workshops, and conferences.