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August Sur de Babel: “El síndrome de Rasputín”, of Ricardo Romero

Sunday, August 9 at 17.30hs. will be the next open interview “Sur de Babel” in the Auditorium of the Foundation. This month the book chosen is “Síndrome de Rasputín”, of Editions Aquilina.

The work in Sur de Babel: “El Síndrome de Rasputín”

Sur de Babel defines “El Síndrome de Rasputín” as “the fog that covers everything in a Buenos Aires full of Bicentennial bombs with two obelisks, buildings destroyed, with a constant set garua makes the cold even in deepest bones, three characters as strange as the context, are moving from La Boca to Once in attempts to solve a bizarre murder which has as the main accused party one of the three friends. The three are victims of Tourette’s syndrome, and this surviving of the devastated city in the middle of nervous tics creates a sort of friendship between them, or just maybe a mutual understanding of the discrimination they all feel.

“Sometimes a good novel is its history, other times its characters, or how well it is written. When the same work is in these three categories together, it is cause for celebration. Our greatest tribute, then, is that all partners in Sur de Babel can enjoy these lines that catch the reader knows from the beginning until the end”. This are the words that Sur de Babel cose to define the novel.

In this wonderful novel by Romero, those three types are rare, three friends, socially and affectionately marginalized by the disease, the compulsive repetition of gestures, exclamations or movements that identify Tourette syndrome, are vulnerable prisoners of tics . Clinical cases lost, the lovable Abelev, Maglie and Muishkin will be involved, for the sake of solidarity, in a removed adventure.

The author

Ricardo Romero was born in Paraná, Entre Ríos, in 1976. He graduated in Modern Letters from the National University of Cordoba in 2002 and lives in Buenos Aires. In 2003 published his first novel, “Ninguna parte”, and from that year directed the literary magazine Oliverio. In 2006 published his first book of stories, “Tantas noches como sean necesarias”. In 2007 his story “Visigodos” and “Habitación 22” was published in several anthologies dedicated to the new Argentine narrators. It has at present an unpublished novel, “Perros de la lluvia”. Is a member of the “Quinteto de la muerte” and editor of Gargola Publishing, where he directs the “Laura Palmer no ha muerto.”

Aquilina Editions

In 2008, Ediciones Aquilina opened its doors with a collection focused on four modern polices of Buenos Aires, our: Absolute Black collection, directed by Juan Sasturain and Ricardo Romero. The editorial also publish and make known the works of authors, is aimed at the development and the search for new writers, emerging, novel, to show the reality of living and a national literature itself.

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