31.07.09 - Auditorium

The critics debate in Proa. Saturday, August 1 at 17.30 hs

“The significance of the School of Düsseldorf in the contemporary art panorama”, is the dicussion and investigation theme proposed by Valeria Gonzalez for the organization of this round table. Together with Ana María Battistozzi and Daniel Molina, she proposes an approach to the the exhibition’s photographers’ reach with contemporary art.

Daniel Molina has commented on the exhibition: “ Urban Spaces is an exceptional exhibition. No so much for what these works can say regarding the theme of the city, but for everything that goes beyond speech, that whispering of the meaning that rests between the limits of the image. Gursky, Höfer, Hütte, Ruff and Struth are five intense visual poets. Beneath the mask of objectivism give free reign ti the exultant cold sentimentalism. That sentimentalism that bursts a few seconds before the tragic is made visible.” (Nota completa http://www.lanacion.com.ar/nota.asp?nota_id=1145190)

Ana María Battistozzi wrote an extensive article titled “Empty Spaces, absent subjects”, from which we take the following fragment: “In the exhibition Urban Spaces, showing five photographers of the Dusseldorf School at Fundación Proa, a new way of transmitting the world in the global era can be seen, with a scenic emptiness and a way of looking guided by the supposed absence of the author.” (Nota completa http://www.revistaenie.clarin.com/notas/2009/07/04/_-01951187.htm)

This meeting of specialists in contemporary art and photography opens the cycle Meetings and Debates that will be held throughout the month of August. The cycle aims to explore the theme of the city through art. Films, rounds tables, and interviews offer a panorama of the incidence of the city in contemporary life.

- Saturday August 1 2009 a las 17:30 hs
PROA Auditorium
Admission with the the exhibition entrance
General $10.-
Students $6.-
Seniors $3.-
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