13.07.09 - PROA Library

Sur de Babel presents “That summer” the book of July in Fundación Proa

On 26th of july, Moira Irigoyen will comment on her new book “That summer” through an open interview


This book is a new project from  Editorial El fin de la Noche that works with a PoD platform (Print on demand). This means that the book is printed only when solicited  by the buyer, which is an interesting method that favors the demand over the offer.

Sur de Babel says about Moira Irigoyen´s writing style: “It is characterized by a warm narrative that gives special attention to detail through the use of fine language charged with energetic stories, strength and identity”.

The author describes “That summer” as a short novel narrated in first person. Julia is character presented from two perspective simultaneously, that of a teenage girls and of an adult woman. She is hunted by her years and her memories. She is a foreigner that keeps remembering from her window in Canada, her childhood, her space, her summer, that summer. The narrative brings together these two women: the girl that feels and plays from the sunny days, the sand, the warm winds, and on the other hand the woman that survives inside her room, through the cold winter and the piles of snow accumulated in the canadian landscape.

The structure of the story is based through the reconstruction of her memories. Memories that move away from the sad and melancholic thoughts in order to present the reality of a foreigner, that sees her self expropriated from her space and observes the limits of her own identity through her window. Memory becomes the bond of the two tales and towards the end of the novel, the grown up version of Julia gains importance in order to overcome through her writing, the burdens of her memories from a foreign country. Language takes form, and in the final pages the hidden photographs and the new buds begin to re-appear from the cold.

The author was born in Buenos Aires in 1965. She graduated with a BA in Literature from the University of Buenos Aires. Her published work includes “En el fondo de la materia crece una vegetación oscura”, by Paradiso editorial, the storybook “Combustible” (Longseller) and other children tales. In 2006 she participated on the compilation “Una terraza propia” a selection of new argentinean female authors by Florencia Abatte (Norma Editorial) . The work “That summer” took her to the finals in the Concurso Novela Página/12 2007, and in that same year the novel was recognized  by the Fondo Nacional de las Artes.