19.04.09 - Proa Cine

In Houston, begins the 4th annual Latin Wave film festival, organized by Fundación Proa and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Between April 30th and May 3rd  2009, the fourth edition of the "LATIN WAVE: New Films from Latin America" film festival, organized by Fundación Proa and the Museum of Fine Arts de Houston, Texas (USA) will take place.

The Latin Wave festival, sponsored by Tenaris and Ternium, presents a selection of the best Latin American movies that have been exhibited in the international festivals throughout the past time. "Latin American films continue to flood the most prestigious film festivals around the world", explains Monika Wagenberg, director of the Festival.

Just the same as in past editions, the Latin Wave program includes films by novel directors presenting their first or second feature. In words of the Festival’s director, it is about the works of those cinematographers who “continue to energize this vibrant period of Latin American cinema”.

This year, for the first time, movies of countries whose film industry is in ascension, such as Chile, Peru, and Panama, are presented together with films from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia. Besides presenting works by young directors, the program includes works by a few renown directors that initiated the film revalorization in the region.

The scheduled films to be projected for the fourth edition of Latin Wave are:

- Burwa dii ebo (The wind and the water), by Vero Bollow and the Igar Yala Collective (Panama, 2008)

- Chega de saudade (The Ballroom), by Laís Bodanzky (Brasil, 2007)

- Lake Tahoe, by Fernando Eimbcke (México, 2008)

- Leonera (Lion's den), by Pablo Trapero (Argentina/Corea del Sur/Brasil, 2008)

- La mujer sin cabeza (The headless woman), by Lucrecia Martel (Argentina, 2007)

- La nana (The maid), by Sebastián Silva (Chile, 2008)

- La Pasión de Gabriel (The passion of Gabriel), by Luis Alberto Restrepo (Colombia, 2008)

- Oblivion, by Heddy Honigmann (Peru/Holanda, 2008)

In every case, these Latin American movies will be screened for the first time in Houston, Texas (USA), and in most cases will be presented by their directors, who will also participate in a question and answers session with the general public after each projection.

To see a synopsis of each movie and the complete program, please click here.

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