18.04.09 - Proa Cine

Fundación Proa organizes a new edition of the Latin American Film Festival in Monterrey, Mexico

On Friday, April 24th, begins the Latin American Film Festival Monterrey 2009, organized by Fundación Proa and sponsored by Ternium, with the support of the Centro de las Artes de CONARTE, the state of Nuevo León’s (Mexico) public organization dedicated to fomenting cultural activities.


In this second edition of the Festival, which will be held between April 24th and 26th in the Nueva León Cinema, the public will be able to assist the projection of a selection of movies from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Uruguay.

In the same fashion as last year, the viewers will be able to converse with some of the directors and producers of the selected movies, in a space open to dialogue and reflection on contemporary film. In addition, this year the projections will be extended to university spaces, such as the Universidad de Monterrey.

The Latin American Film Festival Monterrey’s program includes films of various genres, such as drama, romance, documentary, and dramatic comedy. The movies that will be screened are the following:

- Intimidades de Shakespeare y Víctor Hugo, de Yulene Olaizola (México)

- Parque Vía, by Enrique Rivero (México)

- Año uña, by Jonas Cuarón (México)

- Conozca la cabeza de Juan Pérez, by Emilio Portes (México)

- El nido vacío, by Daniel Burman (Argentina)

- Leonera, by Pablo Trapero (Argentina)

- Saneamiento Básico, by Jorge Furtado (Brasil)

- Tony Manero, by Tony Larraín (Chile/Brasil)

- Acné, by Federico Veiroj (Uruguay)

“Given that the films were already purchased by Mexican distributors, it will be a preview of what will be seen in commercial theatres throughout the year”, reaffirmed Matías Mosteirín, director of the Festival and member of the Academia de Artes y Ciencias Cinematográficas (Argentina), responsible for the film selection.

In this new edition, the Latin American Film Festival Monterrey renews its commitment to promoting contemporary Latin American Film and generating a platform for diffusion among new creators.

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