23.10.19 - News

Anish Kapoor

November 2019 - March 2020





Organized by: Anish Kapoor Studio, Magnetoscopio, Fundación Proa.
Curator: Marcello Dantas 
Sponsor: Tenaris - Techint Organization  With the support of the British Embassy in Argentina and the British Council  Media Partner: Revista Ñ 

On Saturday November 16th - 2019, Fundación Proa will inaugurate the exhibition dedicated to Anish Kapoor, British artist born in India and internationally recognized as one of the most prominent figures of contemporary artistic creation.  

With artworks selected by curator Marcello Dantas and ranging from 1992 to the current day, the exhibition covers different series of the artist's production and a wide variety of materials used, such as wax, stone, pigment and steel. It suggests a tour around some of his most emblematic works - some of them of great dramatic presence (such as the monumental Svayambhu, 2007), others more elusive, vanishing in front of the viewer (When I’m Pregnant, 1992) or distorting the surrounding space (Non-object (Door), 2008). 

Playing with opposite dualities –interior/exterior, presence/absence, male/female— and the perception of shapes, Anish Kapoor places the public in an uncertain terrain. In his words, "... to create a new art, you must create a new space ... [be] very active, find yourself in various states of transformation."  

Internationally he was recognized with the Premio Duemila for his participation in the 44th Venice Biennale, was awarded with the Turner Prize and has been honoured with knighthood, one of the highest distinctions in England. In Argentina, his work was exhibited in 2017 at the Parque de la Memoria. 

Throughout the exhibition, a series of public programs will be developed, with the aim of generating an important exchange of ideas, talks, and parallel activities that address Anish Kapoor's work from different perspectives. The exhibition is accompanied by multiple free educational activities for children, youth and adults.  

The exhibition has the support of the British Embassy in Argentina and the British Council, and is sponsored by Tenaris - Techint Organization.