05.09.14 - Fabio Mauri

Fabio Mauri

This exhibition, which features over sixty works, provides the first anthological overview of Fabio Mauri’s art to be seen in South America. The works selected delve into the different uses of artistic language. They encompass the media of installation, video, performance, drawing, and painting. In conjunction with the exhibition, video documentation and other works will be screened in Proa’s auditorium.

Fabio Mauri is the author of a unique and committed body of original work that cannot be categorized as part of any single movement. This exhibition brings together works that affirm the unclassifiable nature of his art as well as the wealth of aesthetic languages and resources he has used to explore political and social issues.

What is Fascism?, Jewish Female, Ideology and Nature, performances, and the striking The Western or the Wailing Wall give shape to a thoughtful and devastating vision. This exhibition evidences Mauri’s sharp criticism of totalitarian ideologies, the living traces of the Holocaust, and the widespread sense of mistrust and rejection in response to the consolidation of European systems.

As curator Giacinto Di Pietrantonio states: “Mauri’s art circulates in a linguistic terrain tainted by ideology. He attempts to disassemble the mechanisms of manipulation innate to any ideology.” As Mauri himself put it in the title of one of his books “language is war.”