26.05.09 - Photography

PROA en la Boca / Facundo de Zuviría

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Fundación PROA presents Proa en La Boca (Proa in La Boca), photographic books by Facundo de Zuviría that illustrate the relationship between the arquitecture of pROA and the neighborhood of La Boca. 

The photographer Facundo de Zuviría documents pROA ‘s new building from certain angles rescuing the details, forms, and elements of the arquitecture. a partir de determinados encuadres, en los que rescata detalles, formas y elementos de la arquitectura, resulting in a number of abstract images in dialogue with the context of La Boca. 

De Zuviría presents the neighborhood’s most characteristic traits: the Bridge, the Riachuelo, its houses and streets. His particular viewpoint focuses on its characteristic materials: iron, water, corrugated iron, and stone. With a profound wisdom he is able to put these materials in a dialogue with the construction of the new pROA, which is thus enriched by this new way of looking. 

The project was set forth when Facundo de Zuviría spontaneously started this series. fundacion pROA considered that, on occasion of the exhibition on Books by Artist, it was possible to rescue the concept of  a photographic album related to the city, a recurring them in the artist’s production. De Zuviría goes back to this concept through new medias, plotter printing, and the image digitalization. The result is a novel photographic production of single copies, which show for the inter-dialogue between the city and the arquitecture, and at the same time experimenting with new forms of current photography.

 “This is a project that crosses borders in the perception of images. The visitor is able to turn the pages of this book and dialogue with the photographer’s gaze. To walk through the building, and contemplate the images from the artist’s viewpoint allows for a new reflection on ways of looking. This moment of interrogation between the lecture of the building itself and the artist’s permits a reflection on the accuracy of what the eye sees, and gives the spectator the possibility to discover a new point of view”, explains Adriana Rosenberg, president of fundacion pROA.  

 Proa en La Boca is part of the pROA Library’s cultural program, which presents books in all of its artistic manifestations. It will be open to the public starting Saturday, March 14th, 2009, in Fundación PROA, Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1929, La Boca, Buenos Aires. 

Visiting hours are Tuesdays to  Sundays, from 11 to 19 hs.





PROA en La Boca (Proa in La Boca)

Photography Books


Saturday, March 14th - 14 hs


Coordination and Image Selection

Facundo De Zuviría

Cecilia Rabossi



Graphic Design

Facundo de Zuviría



Jorge Lewis

Rubén Pagliaro



Printear S.A.



Fundación PROA

Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1929

La Boca (Caminito)



Visiting Hours

Tuesday through Sunday 

From 11 to 20 hs 

(Last entrance at 19 hs)

Closed on Mondays


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