15.11.13 - Espacio Contemporneo: 5 aos!

Contemporary Space: 5 years!

At five years from its birth, Contemporary Space is celebrating with an anthological exhibition the revisits some of the most significant interventions that have participated in the project since its inception. 

Contemporary Space was born in 2008, with the re-inauguration of Proa after the remodeling and expansion of its building, which previously had already an “expermintal wall” specially set for interventions . Since the beginning, the project’s main idea was to intervene in Proa’s architecture with site-specific artworks, offering a place for temporary productions, specially designed and made for the occasion.

Contemporary Space invites young artists, novel curators and artist collectives to create different projects. The versatility of their proposals, the artists’ inexhaustible creativity and the decision of transforming and offering new outlooks on Proa’s architectural space have been constant throughout these five years, in which each edition presented a new challenge.

Far from conceiving the building’s spaces as separate from the artworks it exhibits, the project establishes Proa as a total expository space. While it’s true that the exhibition rooms have all the necessary and special conditions to exhibit “museum art” pieces, the building’s architecture was intentionally designed to be able to receive diverse types of artistic interventions. Furthermore, throughout these years, Contemporary Space has assembled a wonderful collection of placemats for Café Proa’s tables, with designs that replicate or are inspired by some of the works that participated in the project.  An idea that synthesizes Contemporary Space’s vision: the need of renewing our daily habitat through art.

For the anniversary of its first five years, Contemporary Space presents a selection of representative pieces that account for the diversity of all its projects. The artists invited for the occasion are Gabriel Baggio, Matías Duville, Max Gómez Canle, Daniel Joglar, Alfredo Arias, Mariela Scafati and Alejandra Seeber, all of which reedit their previous work and join in the celebration.

Coordination: Santiago Bengolea

Sponsored by: Tenaris – Organización Techint