28.08.13 - Proa activities

Diseño argentino de autor: Sillas

Argentinean author design: Chairs

Dos26 and Fundación Proa present an exhibition at Café Proa’s lobby. The exhibition displays three original chairs and 13 reproductions of chairs designed in Argentina from 1930 to 1970, in a period known as “import substitution”, a time when the artisanal production was interrupted without a later industrial development. 

The recovery of these chair models nowadays stems from unprecedented archives as a result of Martha Levisman’s research. 

These are the models presented: 

- Ballerina chair, by Walter Loos

- Tall stool, by Jorge Parsons

- Bull Armchair, by Jorge Parsons y Osvaldo Fauci

- ML Chair, Pampanini, in Anticorodal and AB, by Gerardo Clusellas

- Wicker armchair, by Horacio Baliero

- Solana del Mar chair, by Antonio Bonet

- Modern Version of Popular Furniture, by Amancio Williams

- S252 chair, by Grupo Harpa (Leonardo Aizenberg and Rey Pastor)

(All these models are reedited and produced by Dos26)

- Dismantable chair K and W chair, by Cesar Jannello (reedition and production by JANNELLO EDITORA)

- Rib armchair, by Martín Eisler. Original chair. Owned by Interieur Forma.

- Enko chair, by Nordiska Kompaniet. Original chair. Owned by the Lala family.

- Rolo armchair, by Reinaldo Leiro. Original chair. Owned by Reinaldo Leiro.

Sponsored by Tenaris – Organización Techint.