27.04.13 - Some Artists - 90 / TODAY

Some Artists / 90 - TODAY

Argentine art in the collections of Gustavo Bruzzone / Alejenadro Ikonicoff / Esteban Tedesco


Opening: Saturday, April 27, 2013 - 5 pm
Until July, 2013


Starting on Saturday, April 27 at 5pm, Fundación Proa will present Some Artists / 90 – TODAY, an overview of Argentine art from 1990 to the present. The works on display were selected by critic Rafael Cippolini and artists Ana Gallardo, Cecilia Szalkowicz and Gastón Pérsico.

During the nineties, alternative art spaces emerged and brought together artists from different disciplines to formulate a new way of being an artist. Their approach included the problems of cultural production and the tasks of gallerists and theorists; they often engaged in the publication of magazines. Many of the works in this show were exhibited at those alternative spaces, like Belleza y Felicidad (Beauty and Happiness) and La Galería del Rojas. Without attempting a reconstruction, the exhibition evokes the atmosphere of that time in its layout and selection of works.

In the early 2000s, the economic and social crisis that gripped Argentina affected the daily work of many artists, accentuating some of the tendencies that were present in the nineties: the use of non-traditional materials taken from daily life and the pursuit of "beauty and happiness" as the mission of art. In the new century, artists dialogued with the world, participating in residencies abroad. This period witnessed a change in aesthetics that led to new artistic formulations in terms of texture, format and material. The selection focuses on the early productions of artists like Jorge Macchi, Pablo Siquier, Ernesto Ballesteros, Marina De Caro and Adrián Villar Rojas.

The exhibition closes with the section linked to the word "TODAY" in its title, that is, the present and the production of artists who make use of the drawing medium, as well as urban interventions, projects, video and photography. These works’ ethereal presence in the exhibition space, as well as their introspective and subtle nature, requires close observation of details.

Some Artists makes reference to the historic exhibition curated by Jorge Gumier Maier in 1992 at the Centro Cultural Recoleta. In that show, Maier exhibited the group of artists clustered around the Rojas gallery: some artists, some works, their first and second steps; now, in Proa, the first and second steps of collectors. Hence, this exhibition formulates a dialogue of many voices—those of the artists and those of the collectors—to reconstruct a moment in recent art history.

With more than three hundred works, Some Artists / 90 – TODAY is one of the first exhibitions to bring together a large number of artists active in the last two decades.

Coordinated by Cintia Mezza, the catalogue Some Artists / 90 – TODAY includes a dossier of relevant documentary material that evidences the different voices engaged in theoretical debate on the production from this period, as well as an important number of reproductions of works on exhibit.

The many activities to take place in conjunction with the show are geared to revitalizing discussion about the period it encompasses. As part of the series Artists + Critics, every Saturday major players on the art scene during this period—curators, collectors, critics and the artists in the exhibition—will visit the galleries with the viewing public. The education program will organize guided tours, activities for schools and universities, as well as encounters with educators and institutions, all of which formulate a revision of some of the notions operative in contemporary art. On Proa TV, a wide range of opinions will be broadcast to give shape to a documentary archive of the period that includes the words of artists, collectors and critics.

In Some Artists / 90 – TODAY the holdings of three extraordinary collections are on display: the collections of Gustavo Bruzzone, Alejandro Ikonicoff and Esteban Tedesco. Rather than the public domain, it is collectors who have been responsible for preserving and keeping the works of these artists, thus protecting the artistic patrimony of the period.

The exhibition is sponsored by Tenaris – Organización Techint; Fundación Proa is responsible for its conception, organization and production. 


Pablo Accinelli / Diana Aisenberg / Eduardo “Dudú” Alcón Quintanilha / Marcelo Alzetta / Nicanor Aráoz / Sergio Avello / Elba Bairon / Ernesto Ballesteros / Irene Banchero / Javier Barilaro / Eduardo Basualdo / Leo Battistelli / Gabriela Bejerman / Maximiliano Bellmann / Carlota Beltrame / Diego Bianchi / Sofía Bohtlingk / Fernando Brizuela / Jane Brodie / Sebastián Bruno / Dino Bruzzone / Fabián Burgos / Fernando Bustillo / Juan Calcarami / Andrés Campagnucci / Feliciano Centurión / Gabriel Chaile / Leonardo Chiachio / Daniel Gianone / Nicola Constantino / Ariel Cusnir / Flavia Da Rin / Diego De Aduriz / Marina De Caro / Sergio De Loof / Tulio De Sagastizábal / Beto De Volder / Marula Di Como / Martín Di Girolamo / Jorge Di Paola / Martín Di Paola / Verónica Di Toro / Cristian Dios / Nora Dobarro / Lucio Dorr / Matías Duville / Karina El Azem / Leopoldo Estol / Guillermo Faivovich / Nicolás Goldberg / Guadalupe Fernández  / Raúl Flores / Claudia Fontes / Luis “Búlgaro” Freisztav / Rosana Fuertes / Marcelo Galindo / Ana Gallardo / Octavio Garabello / Alberto Goldenstein / Lola Goldstein / Max Gómez Canle / Eubel González / Sebastián Gordín / Mariano Grassi / Alberto Greco / Julio Grinblatt / Vicente Grondona / Marcelo Grosman / Grupo de la X / Nicolás Guagnini / María Guerrieri / Jorge Gumier Maier / Silvia Gurfein / Miguel Harte / Graciela Hasper / Mónica Heller / Carlos Herrera / Alicia Herrero / Agustín Inchausti / Juliana Iriart / Guillermo Iuso / Roberto Jacoby / Magdalena Jitrik / Daniel Joglar / Fabio Kacero / Ruy Krygier / Alejandro Kuropatwa / Fernanda Laguna / Deborah Patricia Landen / Luciana Lamothe / Benito Eugenio Laren / Martín Legon / Valentina Liernur / Lux Lindner / Alfredo Londaibere / Marcos López / Jorge Macchi / Nuna Mangiante / Liliana Maresca / Nicolás Mastracchio / Emiliano Miliyo / Mónica Millán  / Gian Pablo Minelli / Jorge Miño / Miguel Mitlag / Grupo Mondongo / Marcela Mouján / Ziliante Musetti / Eduardo Navarro / Esteban Pagés / Ariadna Pastorini / Máximo Pedraza / Sandro Pereira  / Provisorio Permanente / Gastón Pérsico / Marcelo Pombo / Alfredo Prior / Deborah Pruden / Rosa Chancho / Mariela Scafati / Cristina Schiavi / Omar Schiliro / Rosana Schoijett / Marcia Schvartz / Pablo Siquier / Hernán Soriano / Elisa Strada / Pablo Suárez / Carlos Alberto Subosky / Cecilia Szalkowicz / Juan Tessi / Guillermo Ueno / Nahuel Vecino / Adrián Villar Rojas / Román Vitali / Osías Yanov

Gustavo Bruzzone / Alejandro Ikonicoff / Esteban Tedesco


Exhibition credits
Some Artists / 90 – TODAY
Argentine art in the collections of Gustavo Bruzzone / Alejandro Ikonicoff / Esteban Tedesco

Selection of artworks
Rafael Cippolini / The Bruzzone Collection
Ana Gallardo / The Tedesco Collection
Gastón Pérsico and Cecilia Szalkowicz / The Ikonicoff Collection
Concept, planning and organization Fundación Proa
Project coordinator Cintia Mezza
Production Cecilia Jaime
Exhibition design and graphics SPIN, London/ Fundación Proa
Conservation Pía Villaronga
Registration of the collections
Roberto Macchiavelli / The Bruzzone Collection
Ana Gallardo / The Tedesco Collection
Luciana Zaglio and Victoria Ghergo / The Ikonicoff Collection
Installation Pablo Zaefferer / Soledad Oliva
Installation team: Matías Dinenzon / Marcela Galardi / Alexis Minkiewicz / Diego Mur / Marcela Oliva / Jorge Opazo Ellicker/ Hernán Soriano /Hernán Torres / Nicolás Vasen / Ezequiel Verona
Docomentation Fundación Espigas and its Centro de Documentación para las Artes Visuales en la Argentina / Personal archives of the collectors and the artists
Education Paulina Guarnieri / Rosario García Martínez / Camila Villarruel
Educators: Agostina Gabanetta / Mariano Gilmore / Mercedes Longo Brea / Laia Ros Comerma
Press Andrés Herrera / Alejandro Grimoldi / Jesica Eberbach

With the support of Tenaris – Organización Techint