Joseph Beuys

Joseph BeuysThere is a better way to approach to Joseph Beuys’s work than through a catalogue that combines a wide selection of sheets, a clear chronology of his life and his work, and a thorough critical text from the expert Mark Rosenthal ?

The visual journey featuring this catalog includes images of the exhibited works, installations, cabinets, drawings, video records and "treasured" objects , including his iconic Felt Suit , and the Sledge. An interesting set of photos that allows to revive the sequence of gestures and movements of Beuys in some of his famous "Actions " as I like America and America likes me, and the transcendent artwork How to explain art to a dead hare? Fill out the gallery of photos a wide variety of pictures of the artist working in his studio or at the specific sites were he creates a work.

The text of Rosenthal, "Joseph Beuys: Sculpture staging", draws a map of cross references that not only puts Beuys in the specific context of German art , but it gets an intense dialogue between Beuys’s work and the American art at that period.

The exhibition Joseph Beuys. Works 1955-1985, which features this time Fundación Proa, is a passage to the artistic multiverse of a great exponent from the twentieth century, with the help of the curators Silke Thomas and Rafael Raddi. The catalogue also includes a chronology of the artist, the full list of works on display and a selected bibliography reference.

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