Jeremy Deller´s catalogue

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Jeremy Deller´s catalogue, published by Fundación Proa, analyzes in depth the conceptual and aesthetic topics that characterize the work of the renown British artist, winner of the Turner Prize 2010.

The book includes an extensive documentation of the exhibition pieces and a selection of theoretical texts of curators Cuauhtémoc Medina and Amanda de la Garza, who reestablish Deller as a paradigmatic figure in the art world.

His vision of contemporary art, his connections with popular culture, his collaborative works, and his use of film are some of the themes that this volume explores.

Art critic Hal Foster writes about the work English Magic, presented at the Venice Biennal in 2013 and also exhibited at Fundación Proa. He analyzes the way in which Deller intertwines “high" and “popular” culture and addresses events of the past, the present and an imagined future. 

The interview between Deller and Ferran Barenblit illuminates key concepts of the the contemporary cultural scene, including its nature, its culture and its transformation as a Post-Industrial construct. "“I am careful not to reveal my own opinions too forcefully. Obviously, in composing an artwork, you do reveal something, but I do not want to make a political work in the same way an activist would.  I want to grant it a bit more poetry, a bit more space, so that the public can get involved…I want to leave a little room for thought and not tell the viewers what to think.”

A book that offers several tools to think about the place and purpose of art, of popular culture and of documentary images (diverse aspects that can harmoniously coexist in Deller´s work, through the subtlety and talent of the artist)

Jeremy Deller.


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